Our Mission Statement: As it stands

Updated: Mar 22


Mission Statement

Wildfire is an extension of Hope2families, a charity that specifically wants to help people and share Jesus.

More about Hope2families can be found via the website below:

Wildfire has a focus of igniting men and women of God into a deeper discipleship with God; Instilling people with a passion to radically and relentlessly pursue Christ wherever that leads.

That God's truth will spread like a Wildfire.

The What!

What we stand for

You always have to start with the what before anything else!

Our What is fourfold:


  1. Discipling the individual. Taking people deeper in their faith.

  2. The individual discipling. Creating a rhetoric of Paul and Timothy’s. We want the ‘students’ to become fully trained and then become the ‘teacher.’

  3. Creating a network of unity. We have forgotten unity, we have forgotten its importance, within Wildfire we take seriously what Jesus said: “Be one just as me and the father are one.” We want to unify churches, communities and people under God’s love.

  4. Having fun. Perhaps we have lost you on this? That is precisely the point, perceptions of the christian faith and ministry organisations is that they have to be serious! In everything we do we have fun! Why? Because we have this jubilance that cannot be contained that is predicated upon a posture of gratitude for what God has done.

Wildfire has the focus of carrying out the great commission, that we will bring people to know Jesus! We want to journey with people to a point where they are strong in their faith and fully equipped with all of God's precious promises. The journey ends with us when you are in a position to disciple others in the same way you have been, this type of discipleship is what type of Wildfire we want to spread.

Matthew 28:16-20

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

The Why!

Why we do what we do

For every what there is a why? And the why has to be the motivation that drives anything.

Our why is fourfold:


  1. Being conductors of God's love in our lives. We are being transformed and educated in God's love everyday, we want to be conduits of God's love, not culdesac’s. For every internal change, there is an external expression paired with it.

  2. Day to day need. So often or not we hear the common phrases reverberate throughout our conversations in work and uni; my relationship with God is okay, i am up and down, i am struggling, my prayer life isn’t good, my devotional life isn’t good, i am overwhelmed, unequipped! Should we settle for this being the normal and common rhetoric! No, at Wildfire we are dissatisfied with this to the point of mobilised change. We want the conversations to be saturated with joy and passion, all of which is birthed from God’s love.

  3. Seeing a need and meeting a need. We see many seeds being planted within our own community and abroad; this is evangelism, proclaiming the truth so that hearts may believe and tongues may confess. But we as an organisation want to focus on the reaping, recognising that there are those who sow and those who reap- two different roles. We want to continue the work of our brothers and sisters by discipling others to a point of strength and maturity.

  4. Everything has and continues to grow like a Wildfire. The origin of this name and ethos is completely inspired by God and is what God has laid on our hearts. When we look at the history of Wildfire, we see the fulfilment of what Jesus taught about with regards to his kingdom being a mustard seed but growing! Wildfire was small, but like the kingdom grows, we have grown, by helping grow the kingdom.

The How!

The how we do it

How then do we achieve our what and meet our motivation, that is our why!

Our how is fourfold:


1.Diverse online content. We live in an age of technology, so we aim to utilise it completely for God.

-Monday/ Blogs

-Wednesday/ Mini Series

-Friday/ Podcast

-Sunday/ Praise

2. Discipleship Programs. These are the main expressions of discipleship within our ministry.

-Paul and Timothy Discipleship Program.

-Sow and Reap Discipleship Program.

-Football Discipleship Program.

3. Events. Our building is the hub for all our activity! All our events! All our resources!

- ‘Wildfire Nights’

-’Wildfire Youth’

-’Wildfire Chill’

-’Wildfire Hotspots’

4. Teams. How we reach our communities, our churches and our people where they are at.




The Where!

The where you can find us

Where do you go from here? How can you get involved or track what we will be doing?

Our where is fourfold:


1. Social Media. You can find us on any widely used social media! The digital age.

-Our Instagram


-Our Facebook


-Our Twitter


-Our Tiktok


-Our Visco


-Our Snapchat


-Our LinkedIn


2. Podcast and Youtube! Main platforms that contain the depth of our theological content.

Our Podcast


Wildfire podcast has a focus of simply looking at God's word through a conversation. Our aspiration is to upload one podcast a week, in which we alternate between Bible books and Bible topics. Within two years we hope to have done all the books of the Bible and addressed some of the key issues that are the central nervous system of our society.

Our Youtube

Tailored Theology

This is our YouTube channel, here you can find more content! On this channel we cover apologetics, exegesis, expository teaching, evangelism, cultural issues and everything and anything as it relates to the Bible.

3. Our Praise team. You can find all of our praise leaders on more than 11 streaming platforms!

  • Spotify

  • Apple Music

  • Youtube

  • Tidal

4. Our Website. You can find everything you need to know about us! Leaders, events and more.

Our Website

Check out our website for information on our discipleship programs, our leaders, our events, our blogs and more.