Wildfire Centre

The hub for all of our events

In this building we will be holding youth groups, social events, youth nights, fundraisers and more!

No upcoming events at the moment
No upcoming events at the moment

The type of events we hold

Igniting men of women of God with a passion to serve

1. Wildfire Nights/ Aged 17-24

2. Wildfire Youth/ Aged 12-16

3. Wildfire Chill/ Connection

4. Wildfire Hotspots/ Small Groups



More detail on our events

Wildfire Nights

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Wildfire Youth

These events are for ages between 12-16! Here we hold a space that allows young people to have fun in a safe space. But at the same, we allow them to ask some of the most important questions, in the hope that we can give important answers.

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Wildfire Chill

These events build connection, spike ball tournaments, watching football matches, dinners, campfires, game nights, acoustic nights! Name it and we will be doing it, why? Because we want to create a community and intimacy that God commands us to have!


Wildfire Hotspots

These are the small groups that we will be doing! A place to meet and go deeper in our relationships with each other and God.

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These events are for ages between 17-24! Here we gather to discuss and explore important Biblical, social and cultural issues! But we do so in a way that is FUN