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How many people do you impact with your charitable work?

We have four areas of focus! Men's, young men's, women's and young women's ministry! Thus, our ministry covers an age range from around 12-24.

If I make a donation, can I decide what my money is used for?

There are two ways to donate, no. 1 is through the tithing of money; this will go straight into the ministry, whether that be for wages, resources, events or other content. The second is through your time, this is yet another way of tithing, by voluntarily giving your time to help with co-ordinating and running events.

How is Wildfire Ministries different than other ministry organisations?

Wildfire has a focus of being those who reap that which has been sowed by those who precede us (John 4). We want to follow up on the work done by churches, people and other organisations who are otherwise unable to do so. We want to ensure that discipling is not diminished by superficial evangelism, instead we want our discipleship to have depth.

Where should I go now?

Wildfire is available on Youtube, check out our channel @Tailored Theology.

Wildfire is available on nearly all streaming platforms, check out our podcast @Wildfire Podcast .

Wildfire is available through email

Wildfire is available through phone @07856201383

Wildfire is available through Instagram and Facebook @Wildfire.