Get to Know Our Team

Meet the Crew

We have passion to be Paul's and make Timothy's! So that those Timothy's can become Paul's.


Marc Taylor

Men's leader

I am the father of the founder! Marc Taylor. I love God with everything I have and am impassioned to see all people come to know who Jesus truly is.


Peter Wright

Young men's leader

My name is Peter. I love the Old Testament! I love cliff jumping, I love bodyboarding, I Love drinking water... in fact, anything water I love. I have a deep desire to ignite within young men what God calls us to be.


Mark Crooks

Young men's leader

Hey my name is Mark. I've been walking with God for 16 years now. I love people and peanut butter (that's in no particular order... jk)


Luke Taylor


My name is Luke... I guess I am the founder of this whole thing! I LOVE God with everything that I have... there is nothing worse than seeing someone remain passive in their relationship with God! And nothing I I love more than being used by God to get them to take that step from passivity into an all out pursuit of Christ.


Carys Black

Young women's leader

Hi! My name is Carys and I've been following Jesus for TEN years now! I love Bible studies, iced coffee and spending time with friends. I long to see young women grow in their relationship with God so that God may shine through them in everyday life.


Lois Glendinning

Women's leader

Howdy, my name is Lois, I'm the kooky cousin of the founder. I've been walking with the Lord for 12 years now and through my 22 years on this planet, I've experienced the encapsulation of his love, goodness, mercy and presence closer than ever; and it's my passion to rally young girls around his word and truth. C'mon!


Jemimah Mcferran

Young Women's leader

Hi! I'm Jemimah I love Jesus... A lot! I've been a christian for about 13 years and each year God has revealed his endless love and purposes for me more and more. I love meeting new people, good music, and spending time with family and friends! I can't wait to see how God radically transforms people's lives and to be a vessel for his grace and mercy.


Samuel Mcilmoyle

Worship leader

Hi guys! my name is Samuel. I have an interest in all things musical. I came to know Christ at the age of 6 while my mum sang songs about Jesus to me every night, so music is truly ingrained in my identity as a christian! I am so looking forward to being able to help lead people into worship, young and old, as well as use music to help people grow closer to God!


Niamh Burnside

Worship leader

Hey Im Niamh. I have been in a relationship with Jesus for as long as I can remember and I can't possibly imagine life without him. I love talking (a lot), gym, singing and I am a massive people and family person. I am looking forward to showing believers that through praise, in whatever expression that takes for you, we can take time to truly appreciate the magnitude of his love, his power and his strength.


Ewan Williams

Worship leader

Hello! My name is Ewan! I love Jesus!!! And I love worshiping his name, I am so excited to bring yous people some awesome worship.


Ethan Clarke

Mens Leader

My name is Ethan Clarke! I work in Exodus North East, am 100% in love with Jesus and looking to radically lay down my life for his kingdom. I am a Men's leader here in Wildfire, I am really excited to be apart of what God is going to do here.


Joel White

Men's Leader

Hi! My name is Joel! I am basically a business who is completely in love with Jesus! I am a men's leader for Wildfire and am so pumped for everything that is going to happen in this ministry.


Rebecca Starritt


Hi! Im Rebecca! Im 21 and I've been on my journey with Christ for around 10 years now. I am so passionate about mission and seeing Christ touch the hearts of lives of others, and can't wait for my role as a women's leader.


Victoria Forsythe

Worship Leader

'Hi! I'm Victoria, i'm 19 and i'm a wildfire worship leader. I've been a christian for 5 months and it's been the best part of my life! I'm so excited to spread God's love and word through music and show people how God changes lives for the best!'


An insight into our team

Here is a little taster of what are leaders are like, how they will be involved in this organisation and what they are excited for!