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Meet the Crew

Youth for the youth by the youth

Get to Know Our Team


Marc Taylor


Helping from afar. I am the father of the founder! Marc Taylor. I love God with everything I have and am impassioned to see all people come to know who Jesus truly is.


Peter Wright


My name is Peter. I love the Old Testament! I love cliff jumping, I love bodyboarding, I Love drinking water... in fact, anything water I love. I have a deep desire to ignite within young men what God calls us to be.


Mark Crooks


Hey my name is Mark. I've been walking with God for years now. I love people and peanut butter (that's in no particular order... jk)


Luke Taylor


My name is Luke... I guess I am the founder of this whole thing! I LOVE God with everything that I have... there is nothing worse than seeing someone remain passive in their relationship with God! And nothing I I love more than being used by God to get them to take that step from passivity into an all out pursuit of Christ.


Carys Black


Hi! My name is Carys and I've been following Jesus for years now! I love Bible studies, iced coffee and spending time with friends. I long to see young women grow in their relationship with God so that God may shine through them in everyday life.


Lois Glendinning


Howdy, my name is Lois, I'm the kooky cousin of the founder. I've been walking with the Lord for  years now and through my 22 years on this planet, I've experienced the encapsulation of his love, goodness, mercy and presence closer than ever; and it's my passion to rally young girls around his word and truth. C'mon!


Amy Louise

Young Women's leader

Hey I am Amy, I love, love, love Jesus with everything I have! Excited to serve and help other young people pursue Christ.


Samuel Mcilmoyle

Worship leader

Hi guys! my name is Samuel. I have an interest in all things musical. I came to know Christ at the age of 6 while my mum sang songs about Jesus to me every night, so music is truly ingrained in my identity as a christian! I am so looking forward to being able to help lead people into worship, young and old, as well as use music to help people grow closer to God!


Niamh Wright

Worship leader

Hey Im Niamh. I have been in a relationship with Jesus for as long as I can remember and I can't possibly imagine life without him. I love talking (a lot), gym, singing and I am a massive people and family person. I am looking forward to showing believers that through praise, in whatever expression that takes for you, we can take time to truly appreciate the magnitude of his love, his power and his strength.

Ewan Williams

Worship leader

Hello! My name is Ewan! I love Jesus!!! And I love worshiping his name, I am so excited to bring yous people some awesome worship.


Johnny Eadie


My name is Johnny and I want to challenge myself, learn more and help other people have conversations about what matters.

Jake Speers


Hello everyone! I am Jake and I’ve been a Christian for 3 years now, I am so looking forward to being a small part of wildfire this year and leading people deeper into their relationship with God and I’m so excited to see where it leads:)


Dan Barfoot


Hey I am Dan, love football, love people and more importantly I love God! I desire to help create spaces for people to encounter Gods love.



Hi! I’m Sarah and i love Jesus! for as long as i can remember Jesus has always been the centre of my life. i love being in the sea and spending time with friends and family (all at the same time is good!) 

i am so excited to see how God reveals His love and heart for His people leading them closer to Jesus.


Iona Mairs

Worship Leader

Hiya, my name is Iona, i’m currently in upper sixth at Dalriada and i LOVE living in the north coast. I have such a passion to see young people wholeheartedly following Jesus and to see a generation rise up with selfless faith. I’m super excited to help lead worship at wildfire and watch Jesus move in our community :)

Sarah Reid


Dan Mairs


My name is Dan and I love Jesus with all my heart. I love spending time with my family and friends. I want to teach young men what it means to be a follower of Jesus and my goal is to spend my life raising up followers who will give everything for the glory of God.


Johnny Mairs


My name is Johnny Mairs, I love God with everything I have and want to step out more in service, influencing people for God the way he calls us to influence.


Daniel Price


Hi! My name is Daniel! I desire to take seriously my relationship with Jesus and want to help the local community around me.


Sophie McAllister

Worship leader

Hey hey! I am Sophie, I love to smile, I love to laugh and I love to show integrity and faithfulness to God, his word and his people.


Dillon Taylor

Worship leader

Hi! My name is Dillon.

Male, average build, brown hair, 5"8; likes long walks on the beach.


Noah Black

Worship leader

Hey, I am Noah I love God and have a real desire to create spaces for people to come and worship the risen saviour as one people.


Hannah Stevens

Worship leader

Hey, I am Hannah I love God and his word and love to sing for him.


Michael Burnside

Worship leader

Hey, I am Michael, I want to get more involved in the community and help serve Jesus as a volunteer.


Moriah Sinclair


Hey, I am Moriah a person in love with Jesus. I care deeply about us young people and helping them come to know Jesus and grow closer to Jesus.


Caleb Ngyutin


Hey, I am Caleb, I have a heart to help young people like us encounter God and serve him.

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Joshua Stewart


Hey, I am Joshua, I love prayer, I love his word and I love people, so lets go and do this thing.


Adam Donnell

Worship leader

Hey, I am Adam, I want to serve, grow and glorify God, that simple.

Sophie Wightman


Hey, I am Sophie, I love christian community and want more of it in my life, I just want to love people and so want to learn how to love and do this.


Caleb Moore


Hey, I am Caleb and I care deeply about the word of God and its place in the lives of us young people today.


Jacob M Craig


Hey, I am Jacob, I love, love, love God and his word, I want to serve him and serve his people well.


Heather Taylor


Hey, I am Heather, mother of Luke Taylor so I have been roped into this! But I will always be there to help and hold accountable my crazy son.

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