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Stay humble. Stay hungry. Seek fellowship.

Sometimes life can get quite overwhelming, from deadlines and work to submit, to finding time to hang out with friends. There’s just a lot that gets in the way.

Often times we can feel disconnected from our friends, family and sometimes even God. It’s easy to let the things of the world creep into your life and end up feeling down and out. These things can be strenuous on your mind and often times when you’re in certain situations you can start to feel guilty of letting the things of the world into your everyday life.

One thing that helped me in this situation was a book called letters for exiles. This book was all about how a mentor might have encouraged Daniel to stand firm despite the pressures he faced. These pressures were the same as the ones we face today. One part of guidance given by Daniel’s mentor was that during these times of difficulty, he would remain humble, remain hungry and to seek fellowship wherever he went.

If you can think of this in your own life and how so many outside factors can make this difficult but by putting yourself in this mindset can immediately extract these factors from any situation.

Stay humble:

Humble enough to ask questions, to understand that it’s okay not to know everything, to see how good life really is and how you’ve been given the gift of waking up every morning with the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life.

Philippians 2

Stay hungry:

Hungry enough to push past the temptations and the pressures of the world. Hungry to create a routine of devotion. Hungry for sustaining the relationships in your life and hunger to love one another.

Psalm 63

Seek fellowship:

Fellowship you can be at home with, faithful friends and family who can inspire you, and that grows a love in your heart. Therefore whatever situation your in you can portray that love that we’ve been given to create fellowship with people around you.

Acts 2

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