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I don't know how many times I said: "I can't" this last week. All I'm saying is it is too many to count. I can’t do this new course. I can’t manage all these responsibilities.

I can’t read my Bible. I can’t pray. I can’t be the kind of friend I want to be. Insert the gap for yourself: I can't....

I don't know what's happening in your life at the minute, whether you are like me and you have started something new, something very stretching and/or something challenging. And maybe nothing new has happened in your life but I believe that these thoughts may be

of some encouragement and challenge to you.

One key lesson I've been learning is that to gain the new, LIFE in all its fullness, kind of life that Jesus came to bring there has to be DEATH (John 10:10). Wow, Amy, you might say morbid much! But is it really?! For the budding of that magnificent flower there has to be a dying or shedding. It is so easy to be focused on the present. And yes, there is place and value in being present in the moment. But sometimes we can look at the present and forget all the seasons that came before.

We look at that tree and think of its magnificence, strength and beauty but forget all the seasons that came before... We forget the hard, long winters enduring the harsh frost and torrential rain. We forget the long-awaited season for the next growth spurt. But ALL of these seasons have led to now. So in this present season, I know there needs to be some death for me to fully embrace, take hold and run with all that God is doing in me. What about yours?

Death to that "I can't" in my life

Death to relying on my own abilities

Death to doing life without him And with that Death comes life. TRUE and BEAUTIFUL LIFE.


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